Our Story

Hi There.

We’re Katie and David (friends sometimes refer to us as “Kates and Daves”). We got married in May 2014 and have been working on fixing up our 1970’s ranch-style home ever since.  I (Katie) currently work as an Educational Specialist in higher education, and love all things DIY. Luckily, my husband (David) has a passion for making me happy which usually results in being the handyman for all of our DIY projects. During the day you will find David working as a Web Developer which also makes him my go-to blog handyman.

Our wedding 5-3-14
Our 1st Year Anniversary 5-3-15

With our family being spread out in different states we needed a way to show everyone our progress in turning our house into a home. Hence, Newly Housed was born. Take some time and look around, we hope you like what you see!

K and D sign