Mulch Dyeing

Over the past few years of home ownership we’ve come to learn a few things about landscaping:

  1. It’s expensive
  2. It’s time-consuming
  3. It can completely transform the exterior of a home

When we originally purchased Bev (aka our home) very little thought was put into the vast amount of landscaping needs.  Actually, “replacing a few front bushes” was the extent of our landscaping to-do list.  Boy, we were naive. Many hours over the last few years have been spent ripping our bushes, removing landscaping ties, mulching, planting, weeding, more mulching, more get the idea.

This weekend we took on a landscaping first, mulch dyeing. Yes, you read it correctly. We dyed our mulch (view the product here).  It’s exactly as it sounds–think hair dye meets spray paint. I snapped this quick video of David to show you the process.

Side note: David says I’m a newb for recording this video vertically. Whoops.  Lesson learned.

Anyway, for the before and after:


File_005 File_007

The black mulch really makes the green plants pop, and for $25 I’d say it was money well spent.  Now, if I could only keep the plants alive..

Katie sign

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