Weekend Rewind: Thrifty Edition

I often have people ask what I’m going to do now that our house remodel is finished. Although it’s true that many of the big projects have been completed, I don’t know if the word “finished” will ever be in my home décor vocabulary. My brain is constantly thinking of new ways to spruce things up (sorry, David).

During the summer months it is our Saturday routine to wake up early and browse the local yard sales and thrift stores (only after coffee, of course).   Do I always find a deal? No. Actually, there are many days where I walk away empty handed. But it’s the days I find a leather office chair for $3 that make all the other days’ worth it.

My goal today is to share a few of the wonderful (to me) items I found over the weekend, and encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and experience the wonderful world of thrifting. You’ll save big money AND have items that are unique to you. Think you have to live in a big city to find unique pieces? Think again. Most of these purchases have been found in my hometown of 17,000 people. Does it take patience? Yes. But it’s definitely worth it!

Office chair $3-Goodwill


Plant stand $4-Goodwill (listed on ETSY for $59 here)


Office progress using mostly thrift finds.


Piano room rug $49-Goodwill (retail $189 here)


Basket $0.25-yard sale


Plant stands $0.25 each-yard sale (similar $17.30 here)

plant stands

Wire shelf $2-yard sale (retail $26 here)
I’ve got a project in mind for this one.

Wire shelf

Grand total of the above items- $59

Why not make today a “Thrifting Tuesday”?

Katie sign

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