DIY: White Wicker Mirror

I love spray paint.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times.

The simple yet grand transformation it can have never ceases to amaze me.

And yes, today’s post is about spray paint. Simple white spray paint to be exact.

Directly to the right of our fireplace we have an awkward space. That is, the space lacks in width and depth making it nearly impossible to get a piece of furniture to look as though it belongs.  You can see the space below which is occupied by a small wooden mirror.

family room before

You see, I liked the idea of  a mirror, but the wood mirror was too small for the space.  So, when I was out cruising the thrift stores and came across this larger wicker mirror for a few bucks I snatched it up.

mirror before

I never anticipated keeping this mirror wicker. In fact, my first thought was to tape around the edges of the mirror  to create a two toned look.



After a few coats of spray paint the final product looked like this. Better..yes! The look I wanted to not so much. The mirror remained like this for a few weeks until I had a random decision to paint it all white. Yes, this defeated the purpose of taping as shown above, but I would have never known how the two-tone mirror looked in the space without actually completing that project.

between pic

After an additional coat of paint, the mirror now has a bright white finish.

round mirror


Although not drastic, subtle changes are still changes, right?

Thanks for reading.

Katie sign

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