Painting Trim: A Flashback Friday Post

Today I thought I would “flashback” to when we first purchased our home and share some more before-and-after pictures.

Upon purchasing our home it was filled with golden oak trim.  Although oak can look great in many homes, it made our home feel dated and in need of new life. At first we considered the option of buying all new trim, but the thrifty person inside of me hated to see good trim be wasted.

* I apologize in advance for the cellphone quality photos below.






So. Much. Oak.

With paintbrushes in hand and the help of a few loving family members, we began the process of painting the MILES of trim in every room.

**Side note** If you are new to painting trim be warned that this process is very time consuming and may drive you to clinical insanity :) (don’t worry, i’m mostly fine now).

To begin, we sanded using a standard foam sanding block.  We then cleaned the trim and applied the first coat of paint (we used Behr Primum Plus Ultra). Our home was in a state of distress for several weeks (thankfully this was before we got married and I moved in).

2013-07-06 12.06.18
My beautiful sister Kelli lending a helping hand.

IMAG01282013-07-30 20.45.48IMAG0335

Most of the trim took two to three coats (plus touch-ups).  In the end, painting the  trim was definitely…..worth it. I really love how much brighter and cleaner our home now feels.



DSC02634edit DSC02609edit DSC02625edit

It’s fun to reflect back at the hard work over the past year and a half, but boy-oh-boy am I happy that we don’t have any trim left to paint.

Have you gone through this process? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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