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Where has the time gone? I have failed at blogging this entire month (whoa, has it been a crazy one). The days keep flying by and I find myself saying “I will definitely blog tomorrow”.

Today, I blog!

As you are aware love is in the air… or was in the air I should say. I know some people say that Valentines Day is a day for Hallmark to celebrate, which may be true, but I still love reading about the sweet gestures people do for their loved ones. As for us, David spoiled me with a weekend on The Plaza in Kansas City and beautiful flowers. Good food, shopping, and being with my love, what could be better? We enjoyed a nice meal at The Cheesecake Factory on Friday (with cheesecake of course) and hit up a local restaurant called The Drop on Saturday. If you’re in the area stop and try the “Butcher Block Platter”. A great assortment of meats, cheeses, and fruits. Yum.

the dropflowers

Of course a trip to the city would not be complete without shopping for Bev (if you are new to the blog we sometimes refer to our home as Bev, short for Beverly Lane.) This trip was a big one as we were able to purchase the remaining interior lights including a new dining room chandelier, two hallway lights, and a light for the reading room.  I will be sharing more on this in the days to come, but wanted to focus today’s post on the re-purposed chandelier in the guest room.

Old chandelier from my parents house:


Re-done Chandelier in our guest room:



And the process was as simple as:

    • Remove the  glass globes
    • Clean the chandelier with a damp rag
    • Apply spray paint after the chandelier has dried (we used this)

That’s it. For as low as $5 we were able to transform an outdated chandelier to a practical light for the guest room.


I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day with their loved ones!

Katie sign

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