DIY Chalkboard Tutorial

I’ve had a few people ask me how we made the chalkboard seen in my Christmas decor post (view here). Since this has to be one of my favorite projects we’ve tackled thus far, I decided to do a quick write up. First, the project was relatively easy and inexpensive (always a plus). Second, this chalkboard is easy to change up and is something that I don’t have to take down as seasons change (another major plus).

  • (1) 2ft x 4ft sheet of chalkboard – we found ours here.
  • (2) pieces of 1″ x 3″ cut to 48″
  • (2) pieces of 1″ x 3″ cut to 19″ (Home Depot will cut the wood free of charge)
  • Wood Stain – we used Miniwax Special Walnut
  • Wood Screws
  • Chalk  :)

We began by staining the wood (you can use a foam brush, but I just used an old sock). Apply evenly over each board, wiping off any excess with a rag.  After allowing enough dry time, frame your chalkboard with the stained boards be lining up the wood pieces with the edges of the chalk board (as pictured below).


Once you have ensured that everything lines up properly you will want to position the chalkboard and wood frame face down. At this point you should be looking at the back of the black chalkboard with the wood frame pieces touching the ground (beneath the chalkboard). Using wood screws carefully screw the back of the chalkboard into the wood frame. Be sure that your wood screws are long enough to anchor into the wood frame but not so long that they will poke through the front.

Warning- at first I tried applying wood glue to the backing of the boards as a way to secure the frame and chalkboard. Lets just say this made a relatively easy project much more difficult. Follow our advise and screw the wood into the chalkboard (you will be happy you did).

Overall, the assembly of this project should take around 45 minutes (without dry time). I am super happy with the end result.



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Now if I could only get an artist to come to my house and spruce the chalkboard up. Any takers?

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