You can find me by the fireplace.

Ladies and gentleman this was a big milestone for the Ochs family. When David first started looking at houses he asked me what my “wish list” was.  A million things ran through my head but the biggest priority for me was location.  Growing up in the country I desired to feel like I was living in the country, while still being inside city limits (I classify myself as a “small city” girl with country roots). The second wish list item was a fireplace. Because I didn’t have a fireplace growing up the thought of having one was soothing to the soul.

After looking at houses for nearly a year we found our current home and fell in love with the location/lot size. However, sadly for me there was no fireplace. From that moment on I used every technique possible to try to justify to David why we needed  a fireplace.

  • Missouri winters are cold. We need a fireplace.
  • The hardwood floors might be cold in the mornings.  We need a fireplace.
  • Look at this picture on Pinterest. I love the fireplace. We need a fireplace.

I’m usually pretty good at talking him into things (that’s the power of being a wife) but sadly my techniques didn’t work and we both agreed that adding a real fireplace was a bigger undertaking than what we wanted to take on in our starter home.

A few months later while shopping for an entertainment center David got my attention and asked me to take a look at an electric fireplace he liked. Was this a cruel joke? Of course I liked it but didn’t want to get my hopes up. “That’s nice,” I said and continued to look around.  A few  minutes later he mentioned that instead of getting an entertainment center maybe we should consider getting an electric fireplace and mount our TV above it. (Was this real life?!).  Of course I loved the idea and thought if I couldn’t have a real fireplace this was the next best thing.

And then he said the magic words…”I like it, let’s get it.”

I must admit, I think I fell more in love with him that day.

The fireplace installation was quite easy. With the help of David’s brother Ryan, we simply unloaded it from the box and placed it in the desired location (and when I say “we” I mean “they”.)

*I apologize for the super low quality pictures. At that point in time Newly Housed was not yet a reality. 


Fireplace wall
The desired fireplace wall mid construction.


fireplace 1


I must admit, I do believe this is one of our best purchases yet.

Katie sign


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