Give me yo (house) digits.

The front entry of a home sets the mood for all that follows.  When we first bought our home the exterior was lacking (to say the least). The house numbers were vinyl decals stuck to the siding.  Although it served its purpose, we wanted something a bit more unique and inviting.

Address-Before_IMAG0118After going to a few local hardware stores and not finding what we were looking for we did what most DIY lovers would do and started searching online for inspiration. When we ran across this project on 4Men1Lady, we knew we had to give it a try.  For this project we used the following:

  • A scrap piece of wood (painted) for the backing
  • Paint stirrers (10 cut in half)
  • Hand saw
  • Wood stain
  • Paint Brush
  • Liquid Nails
  • House Numbers (from Home Depot)

We began by painting the scrap piece of wood to mach our exterior brick.

While that was drying we cut the paint stirrers in half (using a hand saw) and stained them to our desired color (Minwax Special Walnut).


Although the original plan was to align the paint stirrers  in a horizontal line, we eventually decided to align the sticks in an abstract manner. Using liquid nails, we glued the cut stirrers on the painted backing board, and finished the design by screwing the house numbers on using the hardware that was included with the numbers.

And here is the final product:

✓ Inexpensive
✓ Quick
✓ Easy
✓ Visually appealing

Looking for new house numbers? I would highly recommend this project.

Katie sign

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