Adding a Custom Feel with Door Shutters

To put it simply, the entrance to our house needed help — a lot of help (see pictures here). We both decided that decorative shutters by the front door would help add some uniqueness and break up the dull repetition of the dark brick . After visiting several hardware stores we were unable to find shutters that even remotely matched our existing window shutters (probably because the original shutters are from the 1970’s). With no other options we decided it was a DIY project.

We started by getting a rough measurement of the front door area to determine the approximate size for the shutters. Then, back to the hardware store it was. We soon found the perfect lumber that would compliment our existing window shutters. Our receipt looked as follows:

We cut the boards to the height of our “envisioned” shutters and screwed horizontal pieces on both the top and bottom (to mimic our current shutters).


To finish the shutters we painted them a navy blue, matching the existing window shutters, and screwed them into the entry brick. In less than a few hours we had custom shutters that added a very nice touch to the front door.

Before Door Shutters:


After Door Shutters:


And there you have it folks. Custom shutters so easy a newly diy’ing couple could do it.

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